• Bob Hahin Bore Guide For Ruger Precision Rifle 30cal & 6.5

    SKU: RPRGuide30

    The Bob Hahin Bore Guide for the Ruger Precision Rifle will fit the 308 and 6.5 Creedmoor versions of the rifle. This bore guide conveintly has a solvent port machined into the side of it. 


    Bob Hahin Bore Guides are made out of Delrin for the maximum solvent resiliency and will last the lifetime of the gun or longer. This bore guide ensures that as the cleaning rod is pushed down the bore, it is in perfect alignment and doesn't bow or flex, keeping it from rubbing excessively on the sides of the chamber or throat. It will keep any solvent that's on the cleaning patches from getting into the receiver or trigger of the rifle. It keeps the solvent in the guide and the bore of the rifle where it belongs. 


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