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gabby Metcalf

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Gabby Metcalf is a 16 year old youth female shooter. She is a sophomore in high school, participates in JROTC and has a 3.9 gpa while taking honors classes. She enjoys history and science classes, is fluent in English and Spanish and plans to become an orthodontist after college. She participates in her church youth group, as well as helping with the infants and young children.

She has been shooting since her dad introduced her to it a few years ago. She competes in long range rifle matches, two gun style matches (bolt action rifle and pistol) and hopes to compete in a local pistol match soon. She is currently ranked 7th in juniors in PRS Southeast region and 4th youth in Cheytac Tactical Sniper Series. She is registered for the Guardian Long Range match in Barnwell, SC in November.  She's won top youth twice and top lady once. 

Check out her Instagram - gabby_the_shooter.