Frequently asked questions


How many days per week should I exercise?

I recommend exercising at least 3 days per week but no more than 6 days at a time.

What happens if I need to miss a training session?

You're not allowed to miss any! I'm kidding. I understand emergencies can occur or life just happens sometimes. If it's a non-emergency, notify me at least 1 hour prior to your scheduled training session, and we'll get you rescheduled.

How soon will I see the results of my training?

Expect to feel the results of your training before seeing them. People I've trained who are consistent with good eating habits, exercising, etc have reported sleep, energy and mood improvements within the first three weeks. Body composition changes do take longer to notice unfortunately. The longer you adhere to your program(s) and plan(s), the sooner you'll see and appreciate the results!

Can a friend join me for a training session?

Yes, however I do require that non-clients read and sign a liability form.

Can you train me at my house, gym, etc?

That's something we have to discuss upon request.


Eat before or after working out?

Before and after! It's important to have some fuel in your system to help you through your session. An easily digested carbohydrate (bananas, peaches, etc) an hour before your session is ideal. After your session, it's just as important to refuel and feed the muscles you've trained.

What if I can't finish my food?

This is something I definitely need to know so I can adjust your meal/diet plan. I don't want you wasting food or money if you don't have to.

Can I take food, weight loss or muscle enhancement supplements?

I cannot and will not suggest that you take anything, because I'm not a Licensed Nutritionist, Physician, Dietician, etc. I recommend that you speak to your Licensed Nutritionist, Physican or Dietician to determine what is and/or isn't right for you.


Do I need clearance from a licensed physician before exercising?

It's not a requirement for some clients, but I recommend that everyone is cleared by a licensed physician to ensure that you're 100% ready and able to exercise. If there are red flags in your health history (prior or current injuries, diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure, etc), you'll need my consent form signed by a physician.

Signing Up

Do I need a FREE consultation before any training session?

Yes, that is a requirement. The consultation usually takes 30 minutes.

Why do I need to complete my consent and questionnaire forms?

To create the best program(s) and plan(s) for you, I need as much information as possible. Knowing about every prior or current injury, foods you're allergic to, etc is very helpful to me.

Why are fitness assessments required?

To write accurate fitness and meal/diet programs, I need to gauge where you currently stand when it comes to your fitness level and eating habits. I can't expect you to be successful with an endurance-focused program if your goal is to become a powerlifter.


What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, credit and debit cards. Depending on your bank, there may be a processing fee.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes there it. The policy can be found and read here: https://www.giftedfitness.net/terms-and-conditions

Mobile App/Online Software

What and who's your mobile app and online software for?

My app and online software is perfect for busy individuals who want to train on their own and at their own pace. Even clients who do in-person training have the ability to access their profile too.

How will I learn all of the exercises and what to eat?

There are over 500 different exercises, and I don't expect you to learn all of them. If you're unsure of an exercise, each one has a link to a demo video to help you if you're training on your own. Your meal/diet plans will have all of the measurements written in under "diets" for each food or drink items. Your job is to just eat :)

Where can I download the mobile app?

My fitness app is only in both Google's Play Store and the Apple Store. If you have a device with a web browser and have an internet connection, you can access your account online as well.

Can anyone see my info, profile or account?

I take confidentiality seriously. No one can see your information except you and me. Your account is password and username protected. The only way someone can see your information is if you share it with them or you give them your login information (Do not share it with anyone other than your spouse.).

How do I pay to get my fitness and meal/diet programs?

If you don't pay in-person, the only option available is paying using Square. You'll receive an invoice from me every month 7 days prior to the date your payment needs to be made.


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